Prepared For Anything

prepPrepping your existing concrete is an important step when it comes to the application of any of our products. Doing this properly is very time consuming — to the point that many contractors choose to skip this step. That tends to have disastrous results.

At Inline Solutions we do not even begin the process until we have given the area a thorough inspection. We are checking for barriers such as existing sealers, curing materials, grease, oil, efflorescence, and dirt that must be removed to ensure the best results.

We start the actual process with a comprehensive crack repair material that not only gets to the base of the concrete — but has the ability to absorb into the concrete walls of the crack. We also use an exclusive extraction process to remove any oil or staining that could prevent proper sealing.

We then diamond grind the surface to remove any contaminated that may obstruct our coatings from sealing to the concrete. This also provides the perfect texture for our products to bind with the substrate’s surface.

Once we’ve used our high powered vacuum system to remove any dust and debris, your surface is ready for coating.

Inline Solutions also offers this service on it’s own for those choosing to apply their own coatings.