You Have Questions — We Have Answers.

Why would I need a coating on my floor?

Coating your floor with a high performance product will protect it from the harsh effects of road salts, battery acid, antifreeze and oils that would penetrate and eat away at your concrete floor.

How much does a floor coating cost?

It is very hard to give a person a true quote over the phone. Sure we have set prices for a square footage. But more times than not will there be crack repairs as well. A person has options when coating the floor. For example — coating up the stem/pony wall or up the stairs into the house. There are also design features to consider — and the list can go on!

Is your coating non slip?

We do have the ability to mix in a non slip material to create a long lasting non slip floor!

How long does an installation of your coating take?

Each project has its own time line, a garage could take 1 day, up to 3 or 4 days dependent on the detail that is requested of us.

Will your product fill the cracks in the floor?

No — our fast set coating will not fill the cracks. We do use a fast cure repair material that will flow to the bottom of the crack and bond with the side walls of the cracks.

What about the oil stain I have ?

We extract and remove the oil from the concrete to enable a solid bond to the substrate.

Can you cover over my old coating?

It is possible. But for us to ensure that our products bond to the substrate we would recommend removing the old coatings.

Is your polyaspartic floor repairable?

Yes — we also have the ability to freshen up your top coat at any time to create a fresh new look if you should choose.

Are your products only for residential use?

No — these are great products for industrial, commercial or residential use.

Do you sell the products without service?

Unfortunately, none of our products are available to the public. These products have very specific properties and if not applied by a certified installer like us, the treatment could result in some very expensive mistakes.

I understand acid etching is a good way to prep for a good bond. Is this what you do?

No — in order for us to get a great bond we will diamond grind the concrete and then vacuum the floor clean.

Is October too late to coat my garage?

A polyaspartic coating has the ability to apply down to -30. This product is applicable all year around!

Can I use your product in my basement?

Yes — all of our products can be used indoors or outside.

If you have any questions that you don’t see here, don’t hesitate to contact us.