Everything In Its Place

five_panel_wall_colors_and_hooks-smallStoreWALL is ideal storage in your garage, carport and throughout your home. Storage that can grow with your changing needs. The systems are incredibly strong, rugged and waterproof. StoreWALL systems are highly customizable — coming in your choice of 5 designer colors and woodgrains. It’s engineered for a lifetime of hard use.

StoreWall is based on the older slatwall systems, with great improvements. This is a redesigned system that is stronger, waterproof and easier to install. It also looks incredible. The color and wood grains go throughout the panel, and not just on the surface, like many medium-density fibreboard slatwall products.

StoreWALL panels were engineered to meet rigid tolerances and heavy duty industry standards. The panels are designed for use in heavyweight applications. They are designed to distribute the panel load to many anchor points across the wall, not just on the edges. This allows you to put the maximum weight load anywhere on the panel.

What breaks StoreWALL away from the rest of the competition is the CAMLOK system. Once you hook in your accessory twist the lock and never worry about your hook accidentally coming off the wall again.

StoreWALL Colours