Filling the Cracks

There once was a time when cracked concrete needed to be dug up and replaced. Thankfully, we are now able to concentrate on repairing and refreshing your concrete surface.

The first thing we do is diagnose what is causing the problem in the first place. If we are dealing with tree roots or any other ongoing element that is damaging your concrete — we must look at tackling that problem first.

Luckily, most repair jobs are simply due to that nasty couple — Father Time and Mother Nature. This Alberta weather is absolutely devastating to concrete. Concrete that has not been protected and sealed by one of our professional systems is particularly at risk.

Our concrete resurface compounds are designed to transform cracked and weather-worn concrete to like-new condition.  Inline Solution’s  crack repair material not only gets to the base of the concrete — but has the ability to absorb into the concrete walls of the crack. This ensures that we are not just covering up the problem, but that we are creating new stability to prevent future cracking.

With proper attention to surface preparation, Inline Solutions will be able to provide you with new looking concrete that can last much longer than your original concrete.