Sealed and Protected

ALL concrete surfaces should be sealed properly.


Looking for a better way to seal your aggregate or standard concrete driveway? Inline Solutions now offers a new type of driveway sealant designed for Canada’s variable weather and everything that comes along with it. With a longer life, higher abrasion tolerance and better resilience to salt and other chemicals, you can keep your driveway and walkways looking great for years.

To get great results when sealing concrete or other surfaces it is essential to start with a clean surface free of oils, chemicals and other debris. This foreign debris can cause problems down the road that result in having to redo the process.

P6230026At Inline Solutions we take as much pride in our finished product as we do the method we use to get there. From high pressure hot water and soap, to bead blasting or even grinding — we employ the best ways to prep the surface. All of our driveway sealing projects go through a concrete repair process to ensure the best looking end result.


Inline Solutions offers various outdoor sealers to be used for the appropriate conditions not just one generic sealer.